Membrane Filter Presses

The initial operation of a membrane filter press is identical to that of its recessed chamber counterpart.

However once the filtration cycle is complete and final filtration pressure is achieved the feed into the filter press is stopped.

At this point the plates within the Filter Press can be inflated using either air or hydraulic pressure to exert a mechanical force on the filter cake retained in the chamber.

The effect of the squeeze is to physically compress the filter cake and force out additional moisture held within the cake giving a drier end result.

Membrane Press
Membrane Filter Press Cycle

The membrane filter press includes additional equipment to the standard recessed chamber machine

  • Polypropylene membrane filter plates (full pack or mixed pack)
  • Membrane inflation manifold including valvage and hose connections
  • Hydraulic Membrane inflation system for high pressure operation
  • Control Panel and safety interlocks for operator protection

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