Secondhand Willett hydraulic flow control ram pumps

Exact Dewatering Solutions carry a stock of secondhand Willett hydraulic flow control ram pumps.

These are refurbished to suit your requirements and specification,

This style of pump has been widely used over a number of years for filter press feed ,auto desludging and sludge transfer applications and proved effective and reliable for operations in the most aggressive environments.

This style of pump allows a high stroke rate with high flow at low starting pressures. As the pressure rises the pump progressively slows until eventual stall perfectly matching the filtration characteristics the filter press requires.

Hydraulic Flow Control Ram Pumps

Secondhand Willett Ram Pumps

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We carry a full range of generic consumable and replacement spare parts to suit the 6" and 9" Hydraulic flow control ram pump with consumable spares for the larger sizes. Further information on the full range refurbished pumps available along with a comprehensive list of spares is available on request.

Pumps can be supplied with Electrical Changeover system(ECO) and air blast cooling to eliminate a total loss water supply cooling require on pumps fitted with a water cooler. Both of these systems can also be retro fitted as an upgrade to existing pumps in operation.

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