Monofilament Fibres


Extruded single fibres similar to fishing line. Extremely smooth finish giving good cake release qualities. Low particle retention. High tensile strength.


Bundles of extruded smaller diameter continuous fibres twisted together. Average cake release qualities and particle retention. Medium tensile strength. Texturising improves the retention qualities of fibre.

Multifilament Fibres

Spun Filament Fibres

Spun Filament

Short lengths of fibres combed and twisted together (e.g. wool). This gives the yarn a high surface area and hence excellent particle retention. Cake release is poor and tensile strength is low.

These fibre form the basis of all woven cloths and fabrics are produced in a single or a combination of fibres.

he fibres are woven into a variety of weave patterns which can also affect the filter cloth performance in respect to retention and resistance to blinding.

The permeability and finished surface of the fabric is achieved by calendaring which involves the passing of the material between heated polished rollers deforming the fibres and giving the smooth surface finish.

All filter cloths are made to order and fabricated to the dimensions of each filter plate.

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