Centrifugal Decanters and Seperators

Centrifugal Decanters and Seperators

We are able to offer a range of centrifugal extractors, separators and centrifugal filters for solid-liquid, liquid-liquid and liquid-liquid-solid separations.

Exact Dewatering Solutions Ltd are the UK distributor for Pieralisi Benelux BV, the environmental division for the Pieralisi group of companies who have in excess of 38,000 centrifugal machines and plant installations throughout the world in many fields in both process and effluent treatment applications.

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Baby Centrifugal Decanter


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FP600 Centrifugal Decanter


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Jumbo Centrifugal Decanter


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Hercules Centrifugal Decanter


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Mammouth Centrifugal Decanter


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Giant Centrifugal Decanter

Pieralisi Benelux has attained a major market share in the environmental sector with its decanter centrifuges for the processing of waste water in the food, chemical and the meat processing industry.

By applying decanter centrifuges to dewater sludge and separate waste water flows, substantial savings can be achieved based on waste water emission reduction and reduction in volume of the solids.

There are many features and advantages on the Pieralisi decanter centrifuge:

  • Patented scraper mechanism on discharge
  • Open Scroll, sturdy construction with easy in situ cleaning
  • Adjustable and removable feed shuttle pipe to optimise efficiency and allow fine tuning for slight variations in solids concentration
  • Cast stainless steel bowl, homogenous grain structure free from welds
  • Tunnel construction allowing horizontal removal of bowl, totally enclosed for safe clean operation
  • Integral support legs for low cost installation and ease of maintenance
  • Safety mechanisms both mechanical shear pin and electronic
  • Ability to handle varying flows and concentration of solids with the addition of the ROTOVARIATOR [PDF]
  • Flows from 1000 lt/hour to 100,000 lt/hour
  • Scroll wear protection available
  • 2,500,000euros stock replacement spare parts for immediate despatch giving quick turn around any where in Europe
  • Maintenance contracts giving guaranteed speedy replacement of all parts from stock


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