Effluent Treatment

If your problem is more than a straight forward dewatering application we have extended our range of services to incorporate a full service to provide a wastewater solution to suit you.

We can offer full turnkey systems specifically designed to suit your operational and environmental requirements.

As it is now the aim of Environmental agencies to reduce discharge consent levels and enforce consent compliance the onus now falls on the production site to resolve these problems or incur increasingly higher disposal charges to local authority or specialist disposal companies. Effluent Treatment

To assist you in achieving the required solution we can offer

  • Complete system designed specifically to meet your needs.
  • Treatment advise, testing and on site trials.
  • Coagulents, Flocculants and blends to suit effluent treatment needs.
  • A specialist range of metal absorbing polymers to reduce heavy metals to minimal levels to meet with reducing consent levels.

Full Waste Water Solutions

Effluent Treatment

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