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Exact Dewartering are UK based specialists in solid liquid separation and handling, filter membrane plates, filter presses, filter plates centrifugal separators and extractors based in the UK. By adopting an open-minded and flexible approach, our versatility enables filtration and dewatering problems to be solved and developed from initial consultancy and design of water effluent treatment systems incorporating on site testing through to installation, commissioning and after sales service with service and planned maintenance programmes with consumable spare parts available to ensure uninterrupted operation.

We are able to offer a single source supply to meet your filtration requirements with our own range of UK manufactured filter presses, filter press hydraulic ram feed pumps, filter plates, filter cloths, Pieralisi Decanter centrifuges and Vertical Disc stack separators from our base in Staffordshire, UK. We also supply the full range of generic spares compatible with the Willett type ram pump. As we recognised the growing need to achieve efficient separation of liquids and solids and to improve our range of equipment we are offering the complete range of Pieralisi decanter centrifuges and vertical disc stack separators for the UK market.

The equipment we can now supply offers economic separation of many types of process and effluent sludges including full turnkey effluent treatment systems where biological treatment, chemical coagulation and flocculation may be incorporated to promote effective settlement and separation with a final phase of separation achieved by means of equipment within our range.

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The Membrane Filter Press is a cost effective means of achieving liquid-solid batch separation with the Decanter centrifuge and Vertical Disc stack separators offering two and three phase continuous separation options for liquid-solid, liquid-liquid and liquid-liquid-solid scenarios. Both Filter presses and Decanter Centrifuges can be used as the final dewatering element of water effluent treatment systems where chemical conditioning prior to the dewatering phase may be required to achieve the desired result.

All units can be supplied can be manufactured with the level of control to meet with your current operational requirements complete with interlocks to ancillary machinery to initiate compete automatic operation.

We offer the facility to maintain and upgrade existing Filter presses of any origin offering replacement Membrane Filter plates that can be supplied to suit any port configuration for feed and discharge. Recessed Filter Plates, Membrane Filter plates, Gasketted Filter plates and plates and frames are available in a range of standard sizes with cake thicknesses to suit your process requirements. A full range of new and service exchange Pieralisi spares are available from the extensive stock in Holland available for immediate dispatch to the UK.

Also available are wide range of membrane based filter cloths in polypropylene,polyester and nylon manufactured to order to suit every type of filter press and filter plate configuration. Filter cloths are constructed from monofilament, multifilament and spun fibres in various combinations of weaves and permeablities to achieve the desire filtration and discharge characteristics required for different applications.

Discharge legislation in the UK and Europe is forever changing to meet with increasing environmental constraints for COD and BOD along with restrictions for removal of wastes from site for disposal for to landfill it is becoming increasingly important for companies to look at installing their own dedicated water effluent treatment systems to remove solids and precipitants from their discharge for disposal in a more stable and transportable form.

The Vertical Disk stack separator, Decanter centrifuge and Filter Press are able to cover a wide range of dewatering and separating applications from batch to continuous 24/7 operation and produce a considerably drier cake due to the pressure and G-force developed within the two systems than most other forms of separating equipment, removing solids from liquids.

However all though both these units are efficient in the separation of solid and liquid phases and are capable of dewatering a wide range of materials it is sometimes essential to utilize alternative primary and secondary filtration to attain the optimum result.

Contact us today for further information about our membrane filter plates, centrifugal separators and extractors, membrane filter plates or filter presses, all manufactured at our base in Staffordshire, UK.

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